Luke McCartney

Computer Science Graduate that can build Web and Mobile Applications. Experienced developing using React-Native, Angular, Ionic, CSS, HTML and other Web Technologies to create a variety of Applications for a variety of devices.

I am also a Haskell Developer and have experience with Python, C#, C++ and R. I have a passion for Functional Programming, and am currently an active member of the Haskell Foundation as an Observer.

I have tutored students in Computer Science, specifically Haskell and Functional Programming and intend to continue my education. I am currently learning to play the Guitar and am interested in Music Composition and Production. As well as being interested in Monads, Functors and Category Theory.

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Here you will find my Academic Interests as well as my qualifications...

I have completed a Bachelors of Science (BSc) with Honours from the University of Lincoln and currently hold a Postgraduate Diploma from The University of Nottingham.

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Whilst at the University of Lincoln I studied Object-Oriented Programming using C#, C++ and Python. I also studied Autonomous Mobile Robotics as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Whilst at the University of Nottingham I studied Functional Programming in Haskell, Data Modelling and Analysis using R and Studied Ad-Hoc Networks using a Java simulation software. I also improved my Python skills by developing a tool to aid in the composition of Music.